Skaur - ...vom Nachtnebel umarmte Wälder

Genre: Suicidal Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Norse, Mythology, Death, Depression
Country: Norway (Bodø)

Twilight Is Mine
1. Barbaric March
2. Casemate #802
3. The Egregor of Evil
4. The Sufferers
5. The Trumpet Call

Cosmic Transmigration
6. Purification
7. Legacy
8. Strenghtening Force
9. Ikuisuuden varjo

10. Norland du fagre
11. Midnattsolens faun
12. Her i Noregs vakra land
13. Skal eg ende mine dage

Ordinul Negru
14. Sighs from the Mysterious Forest
15. Eternal Darkness
16. Frozen Thorns
Total playing time 01:17:28


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