Psychopathology Orchestra - Valses de l'orchestre psychiatrique de Dijon (2003)

Experimental/Progressive Death Metal

Daniel recommended me this album. Now I recommend it to you! LOL

1 - Intro (Hellraiser III)
2 - Psychopathology Orchestra
3 - Children of living death
4 - 665 ' Symphony
5 - Slashers
6 - It's time to kill
7 - 667 ' Symphony

Khymera - A New Promise (2005)

Melodic Hard Rock

how about some good hard rock?

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Nightrage - Descent Into Chaos (2005)

Melodic Death Metal

Last Tribe - The Uncrowned (2003)

Melodic Progressive Metal

For My Pain... - Fallen (2003)

Gothic Metal

don't understand why a guy rated this album only 40% on Metal-Archives. how funny, while i considered it one of the best albums of 2003 :(

Tuomas from Nightwish played keyboard.

Saratoga - Tierra de Lobos (2005)

Power Metal

Sins Of Omission - The Creation (1999)

Melodic Death Metal

"The idea behind the band was to blend the technicalities of modern Swedish Death Metal with the refinement of traditional Heavy Metal."


Lilitu - The Delores Lesion (2004)

Melodic Death Metal


i hope you won't have difficulty in using

Avrigus - The Secret Kingdom (2001)

Orchestral ambient doom metal

Fantomas - Suspended Animation (2005)

Avantgarde Progressive Metal?

sounds like cartoon music, but not for the faint-hearted.

Helrunar - Frostnacht (2005)

Black Metal

Office Of Strategic Influence - s/t (2003)

Progressive Metal


Kevin Moore (ex-Dream Theater, Chroma Key)
Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment,...)
Jim Matheos (Fates Warning)
Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation)
Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree)

Orden Ogan - Testimonium A.D (2004)

Folk / Medieval Metal

hmm, not really folk or medieval.

Qntal - II (1995)

Medieval melodies and songs with electronic music

Qntal - I (1992)

Medieval melodies and songs with electronic music

some guy asked for this. well it's quite rare, and it's not metal. but if you don't like it, you can remove it later.

oh and here's the official site of the band:

Skyclad - A Semblance Of Normality (2004)

Folk Metal

well some guy has asked me about Skyclad albums. you can find 4 albums of them in

here's the link to their last album, which i think was very good.


maybe i'll post the rest of their discography lol

Sieges Even - The Art Of Navigating By The Stars (2005)

Progressive Metal

the first album since their re-union

Symbyosis - On The Wings Of Phoenix (2005)

Progressive Death Metal

Devil Doll - The Girl Who Was... Death (1989)

Theatrical / Symphonic / Progressive with rock and metal elements

this was read in the booklet:



i. Arrival
ii. The Chimes Of Big Ben
iii. A, B & C
iv. Free For All
v. the Schizoid Man
vi. the General
vii. Many Happy Returns
viii. Dance Of The Dead
ix. Checkmate
x. Hammer Into Anvil
xi. It's Your Funeral
xii. A Change Of Mind
xiii. Do Not Forsake Me
xiv. Living In Harmony
xv. The Girl Who Was... Death
xvi. Once Upon A Time
xvii. Fall Out

the whole album contains only one track! so, Daniel, i do feel that listening to Devil Doll is affecting my mental health!


Requiem - Government Denies Knowledge (2006)

Death Metal

Dies Ire - Legend Of Nhor Part 1 (2001)

Symphonic/Orchestral Power Metal

have you listened to this album? i believe you'll love it as much as i do.

bigupload sucks. i can't upload any file now X:(

ah, i remember that i've met the word "Dies Ire" so many times before. but i don't know what it is. is it a place, a person, a story or something????? may someone explain it to me?

and i thank everybody so much. your sentiments towards me are so precious.

Pain Of Salvation - Entropia (1997)

Progressive Metal

their debut :) for your collection!

Nokturnal Mortum - Weltanschauung (2005)

Folk Symphonic Black Metal!

here's another hero: Nokturnal Mortum. they're back, finally, after 5 years long. enjoy \m/

i've had lots of good music lately. 2005 was a great year for metal music. and i just discovered another great band just a few days ago: Symbyosys and their album On The Wings Of Phoenix. very cool.

and by the way, here's a nice community i think you might want to join:

you must be a registered member to access 'member-only areas'. and it's worth, lots of good stuff there. well, more than 1000 albums. what a great community!

many thanx to John for inviting me :D

Masterplan - Aeronautics (2005)

Power Metal

i gave BigUpload another try and it worked :)

WOW! another superb cool site lol

i was so shocked when i discovered this great site today! more than 700 bands and no less than 800 albums! even better than and!

not sure if all links are still available. but you'll find many albums in my blog were uploaded there lol

another russian site:

okay enjoy it everybody.

maybe i should retire now :(

2005 MelRock Awards - some gossip

i didn't notice that had put their 2005 Awards on Feb 6. but when i looked at Album of The Year, i was a little disappointed.

here's my own opinion :)

#1 is Allen / Lande - The Battle: yeah alright, couldn't agree more
#2 is Masterplan - Aeronautics: sure

but #3 is Harem Scarem - Overload!!!!! o_O

come on, so many better albums than this. i told my friend about this album: "looks like these guys are really overloaded, all they need is some time to rest".

at #6 is Place Vendome - s/t, well this could be #3 of the year!
and #4 should be Starbreaker - s/t.

Gotthard - Lipservice at #8: not that good

i don't have any idea about the other albums in top 10! haven't listened to them yet.

but i totally agree with their disappointments of the year! especially Brides Of Destruction and Last Autumn's Dream!!!

okay put stop :D

Riverside - Second Life Syndrome (2005)

Progressive Metal

well, they're back, another good prog album in 2005

Shadow Gallery - Room V (2005)

Progressive Rock

i say that this is my best album of 2005! Shadow Gallery rules \m/

there's a song called 'Vow' in the album. i just love it. and i promise when i propose to her, i'll let her listen to this great song first >:D

you should buy this cd lol

Ambeon - Fate Of A Dreamer (2002)

Gothic Metal

Nice offer...

it takes time for me to enjoy an album and then decide if it should be posted here or not...

so i'll be very glad if you ask me for some cds. i got a very large sources and you should take advantage of it! because this way, i don't have to think much about 'hmm, what will i post today?'.

just an offer. don't worry, i'll still post what i like if no one requests anything lol

Antichrisis - A Legacy Of Love - Mark II (2005)

Gothic Folk

Antichrisis is a project of Sid. and this album is a revised version of A Legacy Of Love (1998). "and it definitely didn't sound at all like a simple re-issue".

it's totally not a metal album, and you can even call it's folk pop for some songs! but i know many people out there love good music, not style, and this is good music :)

maybe there're some things you might not know about this project, about Sid and why he decided to release this version. ah... the reason is a four letter word... L.O.V.E.... long story...

and tomorrow is valentine's day and i know i'm gonna stay at home listen to this cd again cause i got no girl lol

Xandria - India (2005)

Gothic Metal


looks like there's a big problem with BigUpload! today i can't access to any files uploaded in BigUpload. does anyone else encounter this problem? maybe it's just temporary but who knows... bad news lol

Beatrik - Requiem Of December (2005)

Black Doom Metal

Emperor - Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk (1997)

Black Metal

Mostly Autumn - Storms Over Still Water (2005)

Progressive Folk

it was hard for me to describe their music. so i quoted this from

"MOSTLY AUTUMN's music can be described as powerful atmospheric rock with a Celtic edge, influenced by PINK FLOYD, DEEP PURPLE and GENESIS, and reminiscent of 70's FLEETWOOD MAC and FAIRPORT CONVENTION. Their sound incorporates the uses of flute, low and penny whistles, violins and vocal harmonies - over a powerful band, existing of keyboards, two guitarists, bass and drums."

sorry that i use MegaUpload again. and i think i'll keep using this service. good upload/download speed. only sometimes there're no free slot and you have to wait a bit.

that's enough for a very nice weekend. tomorrow (sunday) i'm gonna have a picnic with my friends so i won't post anything new. stay tuned.

Silentium - Altum (2001)

Doom / Gothic Metal

some guy asked for this :)

right click and save file as...

this is the first time i use ZUpload. so far i haven't decided which is the best file hosting service to use. this time, please try this service. i notice that it's easy to reach the file here but looks like the download speed is a bit slow. but i'll try BigUpload once again then.

Doomsword - Let Battle Commence (2003)

Epic Doom Metal

Crystal Ball - Time Walker (2005)

Melodic Power Metal

oriented concept album with some killer songs lol

Majesty (Ger) - Hellforces (2006)

Heavy Power Metal

Adagio - Dominate (2005)

Progressive Symphonic Metal

Withering Soul - Apparitions Of The Surreal (2004)

Black Metal

somebody gonna be happy :)

Some new albums

just to remind you that has posted several brand new albums released in 2006:

Verjnuarmu - Muanpiallinen Helevetti (Finland, Folk Metal, debut)
Tears Of Anger - In The Shadows (Sweden, Progressive Heavy Metal)
Mystic Circle - The Bloody Path Of God (Germany, Black Metal)
Edguy - Rocket Ride (Germany, Power Metal)
Krisiun - Assassi Nation (Brasil, Brutal Death Metal)
SADUS - Out For Blood (USA, Thrash Metal)
and much more...

enjoy \m/

Pyramaze - Legend Of The Bone Carver (2006)

Melodic Power Metal

Chain Collector - The Masquerate (2005)

Death Metal

sorry about my delay. i was having problem with BigUpload. i couldn't upload anything to the site. it was always interrupted in the middle.

so i had to choose MegaUpload. if i'm not mistaken, this site has limitation of download slots assigned to many countries. is it true?

2 sites you should visit!

i will be very busy this week. it's a new term in my university and i have lots of work to do in the first week lol

here 2 russian sites that u should visit if u want to download some mp3 albums:

1. (lots of nu, alt, -core, but you'll find some really good metal albums also)
2. (some metal/rock, some pop, it's up to u, but they do have huge archives!)

u should bookmark them :)

and if u know some good site, plz tell everybody.

Stravaganzza - Sentimientos (2005)

Symphonic Modern Metal

Ancient Wisdom - Cometh Doom, Cometh Death (2004)

Atmospheric Black Metal

some guy asked for this :)

does anyone know where to download Ancient Wisdom albums? grr i just got this album and i think i'm falling in love with Ancient Wisdom...

if you encounter a problem when extracting, please tell me asap.

Metal Storm Compilation - Follow The Storm Vol. XV

i think it's cool. if you like compilations, you should check out this release.

download is for registered members only at Metal Storm.

Follow The Storm Vol. XV

01. Beyon-D-Lusion - Tribute To Mrs Keystone (5:10)
02. Calmsite - Date With The Blades (5:46)
03. Celestial Crown - For The End Of Days (6:41)
04. Dark Illusion - Night Knight (3:29)
05. Dismember - Shadows Of The Mutilated (3:28)
06. Dreamland - Future's Calling (4:12)
07. Elvenking - Trow's Kind (5:57)
08. Ilium - Vacuous (4:16)
09. Melandrolia - Prayer (4:12)
10. Necromantia - The Blair Witch Cult (4:12)
11. Opposition Party - Zombie (2:14)
12. Six Degrees Of Separation - Masterpiece Of Pain (5:10)
13. Squash Bowels - Grind Standart (1:36)
14. Temple Of Baal - Graveyard Of Disgust (5:28)
15. Tenebre - Silver Flame (3:58)

Vol. XV: Independent Bands

16. Aleph - Unfaithful (8:59)
17. Dryados - The Traces And Bits Of Former Passion (4:27)
18. Maniaca - Das Gesetz (5:29)
19. Rotting Cycle - Liquor In The Goat (3:05)
20. Subliminal Fear - Anger Of Betrayed (5:37)


21. SpiRitual - Pulse (5:36)

Centinex - World Declension (2005)

Death Metal

hmm, some guy asked for complete discography of Eternal Tears Of Sorrow lol not a bad idea. i'm gonna post all of them to celebrate the reunion and the upcoming album of the band.

After Forever - Remagine (2005)

Symphonic Gothic Metal

Ram-Zet - Intra (2005)

Avant-Garde Black/Gothic Metal

Stream Of Passion - Embrace The Storm (2005)

Progressive Metal

another project of Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Uaral - Sounds Of Pain (2004)

Doom Dark / Folk Metal

this album was a big surprise to me today. first, at the moment i held the cd in my hand, i'd had no idea about the band and their music. then, i gave it a try...

somehow the music in this cd reminds me of Estatic Fear - A Sombre Dance or Autumn Tears and their trilogy Love Poems For Dying Children. it means the music is very dark, gloomy. it's like a poem, a drama and it really consumes your time if you want to enjoy it. although it's actually not a concept album, it gives you the feeling of listening to someone telling a story, a painful story. and in this case, it's a story that have made me listened to it no less than 5 times just within a day.

sometimes you'll find beautiful melodies but then quickly back to the dark atmosphere. and this only makes you treasure those wonderful moments. sometimes, you'll hear someone screaming out loud...

the growl in this album is good. and the last song, ah the Uaral, is a very special song. hmm, well, actually it's not a "song". it's someone who is... crying.

you should give it a try too. maybe some of you haven't listened to the name Uaral before. i must say that this album is really hard to enjoy. but to me, it's too damn good to listen again and again.

don't miss the lyrics:


Diablo - Mimic 47 (2006)

Melodic Death Metal

cool :)

Green Carnation - The Acoustic Verses (2006)


Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times (1993)

Black Metal

some guy asked for this :)

Russell Allen / Jorn Lande - The Battle (2005)

Melodic Heavy Metal
Produced By: Anders Theander & Magnus Karlsson lol

DragonForce - Inhuman Rampage (2006)

Speed Power Metal

Winterlong - Metal/Technology (2006)

Power Metal, Technical

Falkenbach - Heralding - The Fireblade (2005)

Folk / Vking Metal