Uaral - Sounds Of Pain (2004)

Doom Dark / Folk Metal

this album was a big surprise to me today. first, at the moment i held the cd in my hand, i'd had no idea about the band and their music. then, i gave it a try...

somehow the music in this cd reminds me of Estatic Fear - A Sombre Dance or Autumn Tears and their trilogy Love Poems For Dying Children. it means the music is very dark, gloomy. it's like a poem, a drama and it really consumes your time if you want to enjoy it. although it's actually not a concept album, it gives you the feeling of listening to someone telling a story, a painful story. and in this case, it's a story that have made me listened to it no less than 5 times just within a day.

sometimes you'll find beautiful melodies but then quickly back to the dark atmosphere. and this only makes you treasure those wonderful moments. sometimes, you'll hear someone screaming out loud...

the growl in this album is good. and the last song, ah the Uaral, is a very special song. hmm, well, actually it's not a "song". it's someone who is... crying.

you should give it a try too. maybe some of you haven't listened to the name Uaral before. i must say that this album is really hard to enjoy. but to me, it's too damn good to listen again and again.

don't miss the lyrics:


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