A cool way to get files on Megaupload right away!

well i don't know if you already knew it but in this article i'm gonna show you one cool way to download files on Megaupload without worrying about free slots.

since so many of you have emailed me complaining about how Megaupload sucks. well actually, it sucks. but...

don't you know that i usually download files on Megaupload without waiting hours for just a stupid free slot. how?

here it is: WebWarper.

you'll use another ip to get the files, much better than using proxy. simply enter the url you want to go to inside WebWarper and click 'Go'.

this works with Megaupload and especially in some countries where the number of download slots is too few (like Vietnam). and if your office is behind strictly firewall, you should use this site and maybe you can get the file while still working, then copy it and enjoy at home!

and it works for me all the time. give it a try then :D

err, it may slow down your download speed a little bit, but still better than waiting for endless hours. and sometimes, the download progress is broken and you have to start it again, just sometimes. oh and it's not recommended to use any download accelerator like DAP, IDM, Flashget,... just use your browser.

he he i hope you'll like it.

oh don't forget to tell everybody too :) maybe they haven't heard of this trick.

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