Furia - Kheros (23/01/2006)

Black / Death Metal


Some albums released in January 2006

Here's the list of some albums released in January that I've got so far:

In Flames - Come Clarity
DragonForce - Inhuman Rampage
Green Carnation - The Acoustic Verses
Diablo - Mimic 47
Winterlong - Metal/Technology
Andromeda - Chimera
Furia - Kheros
Silentium - Seducia (already uploaded)
Norther - Till Death Unites Us (hmm so many site has posted this)
Dismember - The God That Never Was
Devin Townsend - Synchestra
Elvenking - The Winter Wake
Mind's Eye - Walking On H20
Waterclime - The Astral Factor

I'm gonna share it in the next few days, when I'm free :) Ah and some of them are Japanese version.

Divinefire - Hero (2005)

Symphonic Power Metal
My Rating: 10/10

god i've just bought this cd this morning. and you know, now i understand how is "blow you away"! you should buy it immediately lol. there are similarities with Narnia or Rhapsody but i think the way they mix melodic, symphonic and aggressive is simply perfect and extraordinary. yup, these guys are really respectable musicians/artists. HEROES...

the last song The Show Must Go On is a cover song of Queen which features Swedish popsinger Maria Radsen on vocals.


Far Beyond - An Angel's Requiem (2005)

Angelic Black Metal? lol i like this definition
My Rating: 9/10

Ah, another one-man-project. Impressive!

Oh and one more thing. I downloaded this album from a friend of mine. The files were ripped in WMA format, not MP3. It was a mistake that I wrote MP3 in the filename. Sorry then :)

Many thanx to Linh 'never_love' for sharing me this album \m/


Swallow The Sun - Ghosts Of Loss (2005)

Melodic Doom / Death Metal
My Rating: 8/10


Midnattsol - Where Twilight Dwells (2005)

Gothic / Folk Metal
My Rating: 8/10


EverEve - Tried & Failed (2005)

Death / Atmospheric / Gothic Metal
My Rating: 7/10