Dark Lunacy - The Diarist (2006)

'Dramatic' Melodic Death Metal

guys and gals, here comes the long awaited album: The Diarist.

my first impression: as usual, a lot of unique Dark Lunacy melodies. each song brings you something new and different to sink in. there're even some soft, smooth, sweet moments in the album.

although imo it doesn't as good as the previous albums, it's still a very good album of 2006. i know i'll listen to this cd for a long time more.

1. Aurora
2. Play Dead
3. Pulkovo Meridian
4. The Diarist
5. Snowdrifts
6. Now Is Forever
7. On Memory's White Sleigh
8. Heart Of Leningrad
9. Prospekt
10. Motherland
11. The Farewell Song


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