It's all over.

It's true, it's over.

The last few weeks I've been thinking a lot about the blog, about its purpose. I know what I'm doing, how good and how bad it is.

Yesterday, I got emails from many people living around the world, from Chile to Lithuania. They have the same passion for metal music just like you and me, and they thanked me for what I've been doing here. It's the good thing about the blog, many people get to know some great bands and really have some good time with the music.

Last week Chris Black from Pharaoh contacted me, he complained about my blog. It's the bad thing about the blog, it's not right to distribute music without permission, even when you just share it with some friends. People hurt when you show little respect to what they've done.

I've been uploading about 200 albums within the last 3 months. I could never imagine of this number when I started this blog.

The blog's rank on Alexa is 4431 at the moment I'm writing these words. It's very very high and I admit that it's a big surprise to me. I could never know that my blog would become one of the most well-known addresses on the Internet. I have never been prepared for it.

Another reason is that I'm too busy with my study and my work. I'm in the university from 6h30 to 11h30. From 13h to 17h I work as a freelancer, do several things from coding/designing templates for Content Management Systems like Joomla, ModX,... to modeling 3D mechanical parts. Usually this was the time when I upload those cds and share them with you. But my study is getting harder, a lot of projects to do and I must concentrate on them. It's beyond my ability to keep uploading cds like this.

So I think it's time to close the blog. Sooner or later, I know this day will come. I'll keep the blog online until April 30. After that day, it'll be offline.

I'm sorry about my promises to reupload some cds for you. I can't keep it.

Thank you for all your sharings and encouragements. Thank you for reading and understanding my decision.

Huỳnh Thế An (Andy Wong)
a Vietnamese die-hard metalhead

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