Ian Parry - Visions (2006)

Progressive Metal

"After the release of his highly acclaimed Progressive Rock Opera Trilogy “Terra Incognita” CONSORTIUM PROJECT III, Ian Parry delivers his 1st solo CD in 10 years since the release of “Thru’ the looking-glass”.

“Visions” is a fusion between Power Metal and Classic Rock, enhanced by Ian’s passionate lead vocals and outstanding melodic female choirs. This is a quality dynamic metal production from this well respected vocalist/ songwriter and producer.

For the past 2 years Ian has been working on his 4th solo CD “Visions”. This new solo album is surely something Ian and his loyal fans can be proud of as Ian shares some of his personal experiences and a view of life in a multi-cultural society. Ian says: “This time I wanted to try something more modern and commercial, but still containing the raw energetic power from my years of progressive rock and symphonic metal. I also thought particularly long and hard about the lyrical content of the songs. I hope my passion will touch the hearts of many”.

The album features appearances by some of the leading musicians of the current scene. Having a career covering more than 2 decades producing many albums including ELEGY and CONSORTIUM PROJECT, Ian’s experience can be fully recognized in this new solo offering. In short, “Visions” is a touch of magic." - Escape Music


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