Würm - Aux Portes De L'agonie

Banda / Band: Würm
Álbum / Album: Aux Portes De L'agonie
Ano / Year: 2007
Tipo / Type: Full-length
Rótulo / Label: Ewiges Eis Records
Gênero(s) / Genre(s): Depressive Black Metal
País / Country: Canada
Qualidade / Quality: MP3@CBR320kbps (CD-rip) + Covers
Grandeza / Size: 124.94 MB

'Aux Portes De L'agonie' is the debut album from Canadian one man band, Würm. I was introduced to this band by a fellow fan because he suspected I'd love the material. He was right. Würm are one of my best recent finds.

After listening to the 'Suicide Pact' split with Grim Winter I was waiting in anticipation for some news about any upcoming releases. My hopes weren't exactly high as I had just discovered the band and was prepared to wait for any news as I was enjoying the earlier works from this one man band. To my delight I came across some news that an album had been released so I put all my efforts into finding it.

So, the day came when I finally had the chance to listen to Mortenak's debut work and I was greatly fulfilled. Würm are straight up depressive/suicidal black metal, but they have a certain quality which sets them apart from the norm. Every black metal fan has become accustomed to band after band imitating a certain style and way of playing, but Mortenak has altered my perception somewhat on the depressive/suicidal genre just as I was giving up all hope on finding anything out of the ordinary.

As you'd expect, Würm's material alters its pace in order to shift between moods of pain, suffering and depression. There are fast passages, mid-paced sections and slow drawn out parts which alter the mood and tone of the music significantly. Ebbing and flowing from one set of emotions to another, this is highly emotive art. The lyrics aptly portray that, or so i'd imagine as i'm not a speaker of the French language. The vocals are put to great use. Emphasising the lyrics and emotive nature of the record with dark and hateful, gut wrenching and intimidating low screams. Both the guitars and the drums can become repetitive, but that is in the nature of black metal. Its done in order to make sure the listener gets the full extent of the message, in my opinion. I enjoy it personally. The atmospheric nature has a habit of pulling you along for the ride on this locomotive train to the depths of hell and back. Depressing, melancholic and full of ill-feeling. I especially like the use of the slow drawn out passages to lighten the load of the heavier material which may become overbearing for some. They depict the feeling of depression just right to me.

Würm is a must listen to any fan of bands such as Nyktalgia, Wigrid or Sterbend. My highlight would have to be Les Ombres Du Temps.

1. Ouverture au Rêve
2. Magie des Arbres Morts
3. Les Ombres du Temps
4. La Grande époque Noire
5. Les Corridors D'angoisse

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