Infaust - Blutbad & Melancholie

Banda / Band: Infaust (Deu)
Álbum / Album: Blutbad & Melancholie
Ano / Year: 2008
Tipo / Type: Full-length
Rótulo / Label: Eisenwald
Gênero(s) / Genre(s): Black Metal
País / Country: Germany
Qualidade / Quality: MP3@CBR320kbps (CD-rip) + Covers
Grandeza / Size: 119.07 MB

7 new despairing atrocities by this potent german band, stronger than ever Infaust know for shure how to create an hellish brew of aggressive songs and memorable melodies. Grim, ultra hateful vocals carrying your disease while these riffs hit the spot especially when they ride on a surge of dirge, only to drown back suddenly into the unbearably oppressive mood with no trace .A manifest of lived passion and true devotion, nothing less than supreme black metal, powerfull with melancholic edges !

1. Toteneiche
2. Hoffnung des Sterbenden
3. Dunkle Obsessionen
4. Nahe - Tod - Erlebnisse
5. Entschlafene Illusion
6. Aus der Tiefe
7. Todesgleich

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