Leaden - Monotonous Foghorns of Molesting Department

Banda / Band: Leaden (Ita)
Álbum / Album: Monotonous Foghorns of Molesting Department
Ano / Year: 2006
Tipo / Type: Full-length
Rótulo / Label: Midwinter Records
Gênero(s) / Genre(s): Suicidal Black Metal
País / Country: Italy
Qualidade / Quality: MP3@CBR320kbps (CD-rip) + Covers
Grandeza / Size: 133.95 MB

Leaden plays Antihuman Suicidal Black Metal. The venomous journey through the band's morbid creations will let you forget the light and discover a dangerous place, naturally hidden into your mind for your own safety. Alteration of the mind and distort perceptions are recommended at the first play for this album; then, open the Leaden gate and descend into the abyss of Depression and hate for your own human nature. Musically, we are in the presence of one of the best masterpieces of Suicidal Black Metal recorded ever. Midwinter Records is proud to consign this black jewel in the hands of disturbed, tormented ones. Kill yourself, finally.

1. When out Seems to Vanish
2. Dark Journey in Myself
3. I'm the Filth
4. Useless Existences
5. Black Apartment of Depression
6. Unawares I Remember
7. Outro

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