Everyone: Read This!

I want to say some words about some comments i see all the time about not upload the albums in hosts like megaupload and rapidshare. I think this will generate discussion, but i'll do it anyway.
I'm getting fucking tired of it, it's not our fault if they doesn't work to some people. We can't spend our days downloading and re-uploading albums just because of this problem. There's no fucking way of making everyone happy.
It's a hard work to keep this blog up to date, so people need to show us a little respect. If you're having problems with one the hosts, ask us to upload in another host, and if we have anytime, we'll do it. If anyone have another link, send to us. There's no reason for comments like this:
"Hey you fucking pOoky, i told you... we don't want you upload in rapidshare and megaupload... please upload it in AxiFile or Uploading.."
Thanks to everyone who support us (the ones who posts good comments) and fuck everyone who doesn't.

by ffiaux

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