Runic - Liar Flags (2006)

Folk/Viking Metal

With Beyond Twilight's For The Love Of Art And The Making and Runic's Liar Flags, the folks in Massacre Records are having a great year. Well done!

I can only say one simple word: Excellent. And If I were wearing a hat, I would take it off!

There're a lot of reviews so far, below is the review on Metal-Temple (probably one of the best reviews on Metal-Temple recently):

"The swords are painted in blood, the barrels are full of beer and the fellow Vikings are singing hymns to Thor. Holy shit! How can I concentrate to write a review about Runic with all this noise around me? I know! I’ll play the CD and ask the Vikings about their opinion. Hmmm, it seems they liked Runic...

Originating from Spain, Runic were formed in 2000 in order to produce something that can be described as Folk Death Metal. In 2001, they released a six-track Demo, "Awaiting The Sound Of The Unavoidable". Their hard work was rewarded with a contract with Massacre Records in October 2005. The result of this contract is "Liar Flags".

Even though Runic have absolutely nothing to do with the race of the mighty Vikings, they managed to release an album that kicks some major Scandinavian ass!!! Their composing skill is more than good, creating nine tracks of pure pagan Death Metal. If you are a bit into Ensiferum or Finntroll then you know what I mean. Everything has been played and structured so good that this record has been given the fresh air it needs. Even the keyboards are used smartly so as to add to the music. The keyboardist is really indispensable to Runic. He knows just where he has to play and exactly what he has to do. Some times making the climate more atmospheric and melancholic, other times starting an all out attack. These Spanish guys really know what a medieval battle looked like! "Liar Flags" is the best soundtrack a battle could ever have! The record’s second track, "Liar Flags", is what made me love this CD. It starts with a folklore intro and then... HEAVY METAL!!! An aggressive breakthrough by Runic. Many bands would really beg to release a debut like this one!

It has been some time since I last came across a debut like "Liar Flags". It is a bomb that will explode and won’t leave anything alive! Be sure to stand somewhere near!!!" - Yiannis D. @

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